Radius’ Youth Dating Violence Pilot Program

For almost 40 years, Radius has been providing specialized assessment and treatment services to children and youth who have been impacted by interpersonal violence, particularly sexual abuse and sexual violence. Recently, Public Safety Canada awarded Radius a grant to pilot a program treating young people who have engaged in Youth Dating Violence (YDV). It is a voluntary program for young people, aged 12-24 who have used some form of violence in a dating relationship. We provide a comprehensive clinical assessment and treatment.  We recognize that many young people who engage in violent behaviour often have a trauma history, therefore, where indicated a trauma assessment and trauma therapy will be is integrated into the treatment.

There is no catchment area for the YDV Program, and we have begun offering services to young people across the province. There is no cost of service to the clients and, where necessary, we are able to support in transportation for the client to attend Radius offices.

Over the past several months we have been busy letting the community know about this exciting program and informing potential referral sources of how referrals can be made. This has included presentations to agencies/organizations such as: school board social work teams, youth probation officer teams, Transitional Aged Youth committees, Crown Attorneys, and many more. Outreach has also recently been expanded to post-secondary schools within Ontario, and a presentation has been done with Georgian College.

Additionally, in May, the YDV program was featured on Western University’s Learning Network Resource Spotlight, where there was over 750 people in attendance for the live session, and many more accessing the recording. Check it out for yourself here:

The YDV program was also featured in Halton Women’s Place podcast, where we discussed the importance of working with those who have engaged in violence, as a method of prevention of future violence.  You can listen here:  (or on Apple podcasts, Spotify, etc)

The funding for the YDV program is a 5 year grant. As we have just moved into year 3 of this timeline, we need your help to ensure that this important program is able to continue past the 5 year mark. If you would like to support our YDV Program or know someone who would like to help us continue this crucial program, please reach out to the YDV Project Coordinator, Kelsey Harford at: 647.324.8037 or

You can also donate to Radius at: