About the Institute

Radius Child and Youth Services is a multi-disciplinary team of professionals, volunteers and board members. Together, we deliver specialized clinical services, research, training and consulting. The following information summarizes our approach in how we partner with organizations to develop, and deliver excellence in programming focused on Clinical Trauma Training.

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Overview of Services

Radius Training Institute is a multi-disciplinary team of experienced clinicians who are committed to delivering high quality, cost effecting training for professionals working in children’s mental health. We specialize in training related to the assessment and treatment of children and youth who have experienced trauma, abuse, neglect, or witness intimate partner violence, and with children and youth who have engaged in sexually harming behaviours.

Training Programs

To learn more about the various programs offered by the Radius Training Institute, visit each link below:


Radius offers support to children’s mental health agencies who wish to offer specialized trauma and sexual harm prevention programs from concept to implementation. This includes;

  • Initial in-depth needs assessments identifying an agencies training requirements
  • Delivery of a training program inclusive of how the agency supports the work
  • On-going clinical consultation
  • Evaluation processes and tools to measure the transfer of knowledge and ongoing incorporation of participant feedback during training

Melissa Maltar: Manager, Training and Consultation

Since 2003, Melissa has specialized in working with court involved youth or at risk children, adolescents, young adults, and their families who have experienced interpersonal violence (including sexual, physical, and emotional abuse, neglect and domestic violence), intrafamilial sexual abuse, adolescent sexual offending, problematic sexual behaviours involving children under 12  years, depression, anxiety, and post traumatic stress. She has developed specialized assessment and treatment skills in these areas. She has also provided training and consultation to issues related to trauma and adolescent sexual offending. Prior to 2004, Melissa worked within the violence against women sector supporting survivors of sexual assault, woman-abuse, and their children. Melissa has professional affiliation with the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers, the Ontario Association of Social Workers, and the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers. In addition to her position at Radius Child and Youth Services, Melissa is currently operating a private practice and consults to Youth Connections/Fostering Family Relations, which is a specialized residential treatment centre for adolescents who have engaged in sexually abusive behaviours as well as a foster care program for highly vulnerable and at risk youth. Melissa holds a Master of Social Work degree from the University of Toronto and a Bachelor of Social Work degree from Ryerson University.

Bente Skau: Clinical Director

After completing her MSW at the University of Toronto in 1994, Bente worked with children, youth and families in a children’s mental health context. Bente has extensive training in family therapy and was committed to integrating a
social justice focus into her practice work. In 1992, Bente became involved with Peel Collaborative where she provided group services, assessment and treatment for young men who have sexually harmed. She then went on to complete a Ph.D. in social work where her dissertation “Who has Seen What? When? Pornography’s Contribution to the Social Construction of Sexuality” explored the intersection between pornography exposure and the attitudes and behaviour of Canadian youth. Bente has been practicing at Radius (formerly the Halton Trauma Centre) for the past 14 years where she provided assessment and treatment for children and youth impacted by interpersonal violence. In 2016, Bente took on the role of Director Clinical Services for Radius. In addition, she teaches in the School of Social Work at York University in Toronto. Bente’s chief academic interests are in the areas of social work theory construction, epistemology, Queer Theory and Masculinity Studies.

Heather Barbour: Consulting Clinical Therapist

Heather brings over theirty-three years of experience in working with children, and their families, both in mental health as well as Family Service Agency settings. She has developed specialized clinical skills in the area of trauma
assessment and treatment for preschool; latency aged children, as well as adolescents. She also provides sexualized behaviour assessment and treatment for childrfen under the age of twelve, and risk assessment and treatment for adolescents who commit sexual offenses. Heather has presented both locally and internationally on topics ranging from sibling sexual abuse, concerning sexual behaviours in children, and adolescents who have committed sexual offenses. She co-authored a guide book, Let’s Talk About Touching, for clinicians working with children who have engaged in concerning sexual behaviours and a second guide book Sexual Decision Making: Your Personal Code for clinicians working with youth who have committed a sexual offense. She has also authored a therapeutic children’s book, Body Book: Private Parts Have a Reason.

Franca A. Iannotta: Consulting Psychologist

Franca is a Registered Psychologist in private practise in the Greater Toronto Area. Over the past 30 years she has provided a wide range of psychological services to children, youth and their parents related to learning, trauma, sexualized behavior, and adolescent sexual offending behaviour. She has presented locally and at the international level on a range of topics in the field of sexual abuse including trauma, sibling sexual abuse, concerning sexual behaviours in children, and adolescents who have committed sexual offenses. She currently serves as the Alternate Chair of a Research Ethics Board.

Her practise also includes specialization in the areas of learning/cognitive assessment, emotional/personality evaluation, and social and behavioral functioning. Franca has consulted and provided supervision to clinical staff at various community-based organizations, school boards, children’s mental health agencies and sexual abuse programs in the regions of Toronto, Halton, Peel and Hamilton. She currently provides psychological consultation and training for Thrive Child and Youth Trauma Services, Radius Child and Youth Services, Crisci and Associates, and Rae Counselling & Psychotherapy. 

Nancy Rumble: Consulting Clinical Therapist

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Nancy Falls: Faculty, Radius Training Institute

Nancy Falls is a registered psychotherapist in private practice with over 20 years experience. In addition to her private practice, Nancy is the Manager of Training and Consultation at Radius Child and Youth Services. She has extensive experience conducting assessments and providing treatment to youth who sexually harm, children engaged in problematic sexual behaviours, and children and youth who have experienced child maltreatment, especially those who have been sexually victimized. Nancy also provides consultation and training to professionals in various sectors including children’s mental health, hospital-based programs, child welfare, and education. She has presented both locally and internationally in the areas of trauma, sibling sexual abuse, and adolescents who have sexually offended.

Sean Basarke: Manager, Clinical Services

Sean is the Manager of Clinical Services at Radius Child and Youth Services, where, in addition to his clinical work, he provides community education, consultation, and training. Sean specializes in the assessment and treatment of adolescents who have sexually harmed, children who have engaged in concerning sexualized behaviour, and children and adolescents who have experienced all forms of child maltreatment. One of his areas of interest is working with the unique issues related to boys who have been sexually harmed. Sean also provides clinical services to Youth Connections Inc., a residential program for children and adolescents who have engaged in sexually harming behaviour.

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Melissa Maltar, MSW, RSW
Manager, Training and Consultation
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