Top 5 Tips for a Safe and Fun Halloween

With ghosts, goblins and scary witches trolling the streets on Halloween night, we wanted to provide some tips to keep kids safe while out trick or treating. The night is about fun and excitement, so here are some common sense tips for parents to ensure the evening is happy and safe!

Here are 5 tips for a safe and fun Halloween:

  1. Ensure the costume is the right fit. As we all know, Halloween in Ontario can be unpredictable. From sunny and warm to cold and rainy, we must be prepared to layer clothing beneath the costume to keep our kids warm. Make sure to buy or make your costume with this in mind. Make sure the costume is not too long, otherwise it’s a tripping hazard. And costumes that are bright and reflective, will ensure you can keep an eye on your child and that motorists will see them.
  2. Face Paint is a better choice than a Face Mask. From a safety perspective, it seems that face paint is the better choice. Although face masks are fun for kids, they also hinder their field of vision which is a safety concern.
  3. Plan a trick-or-treat route that has sidewalks and is well-lit. Remind children to walk on the sidewalk and not the street and choose a neighbourhood that is familiar. Keep to one side of the street and then the other – zig-zagging is not advised. It’s also advised to find a meeting spot in case anyone gets separated.
  4. Remind children to stay away from open fire and candles. Jack-o-lanterns look terrific when lit up with a candle, but can be a fire hazard around children’s costumes (they are highly flammable). There are great alternatives now including battery operated candles, that will ensure your jack-o-lantern is as spooky and safe as possible.
  5. Trash any open, unwrapped or torn candy. Remind children not to eat any candy until it has been examined by a parent or caregiver. Small, hard and large, chewy candy can also be a choking hazard for little ones.

For more great tips, check out Caring for Kids at:

And last but not least, we hope that all of our families and friends have a fabulous (and safe) night out trick-or-treating!