Student Researchers Hard at Work!

Radius is committed to providing multiple student-based opportunities to gain experience, insight, and training in one of Radius’ programs and services.  Along with clinical placements, Radius offers a research-training program to university and college students at all levels.

Over the past few years, students from multiple schools (e.g., Laurentian University, Ryerson University) in a variety of programs (e.g., psychology, criminology, child and youth care) completed short and long term research training with Radius.

(Above Photo – Nicole Billington)

Nicole Billington, Radius’ current research assistant, started her research career with training from Radius while she was a psychology and education undergraduate student.  Nicole’s early research experiences with Radius resulted in an empirical study investigating relationships among victimization, trauma, and childhood concerning sexual behaviour (CSB).  Current University of Saskatchewan PhD student and Radius Research Ethics Committee member, Alexandra Zidenberg, received supervision and training from Radius during her Master’s degree.  Alexandra’s involvement with Radius culminated with an investigation of child sexual abuse victims’ family environments. Both Nicole and Alexandra presented their work at ATSA as well as at conferences in London, North York, and Toronto.

(Above Photo – Alexandra Zidenberg)

More recently, 3 Nipissing University students received intensive research training and supervision from Radius; these experiences resulted in 2 empirical research pilot projects. Kira Schieck (psychology) and Calvin Cressman (criminology) collaborated on a project designed to gain insight into the clinical needs of children who have engaged in CSB; Shae Tyers (psychology) investigated victimization characteristics and future behaviours of child sexual abuse victims.  Shae, Calvin, and Kira presented their work at an undergraduate research conference; Calvin and Kira also presented their research at the recent Continuum Conference in North York.

(Above Photo – Shae Tyers)

The interest and commitment demonstrated by students involved in Radius’ research program is commendable. Based on the variety of Radius-based student projects completed to date, and the implications of their work to clinical services and child and adolescent sexual abuse, we can attest that our research training program has benefits well beyond the students’ and Radius’ experiences.

(Above Photo – Kira Schieck and Calvin Cressman)

Along with student research training, we also offer short- and long- term research training and support to graduates and professionals from a variety of settings.  Those interested in learning more about Radius’ research training program, or a particular student’s research project may contact Radius Research program at