Sexual Abuse Specific Organization: October 2021

The Continuum is a coalition of agencies and individuals committed to reducing sexual violence and protecting the community. In the October edition of Continuum CONNECTS and future editions, we will highlight agencies across the province.

If you would like to be highlighted, please reach out to us here. In this issue, we highlight: LUTHERWOOD COMMUNITY MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES.

Lutherwood Community Mental Health Services:

Community Mental Health Services:

For 50 years, Lutherwood has been providing mental health services to Waterloo Region and Wellington County. Today, Lutherwood is the Lead Agency for Children’s Mental Health Services in Waterloo Region and provides a range of programs to help children, youth and their families cope with mental health challenges.

Our Community Mental Health programs  vary in intensity based on the needs of the child/youth.  Clients are referred from different sources depending on the programming. This includes  through our Front Door intake program as well as partnerships with our local school boards, hospital mental health programs as well as youth justice providers.

All the services provide creative and flexible programming that promote wellness for children, youth and families who have complex needs. If we have clients who are referred for perpetrating or experiencing sexually harmful behaviors, we will provide both trauma and adolescent sexual offending informed assessment and treatment.  We anchor our treatment in relationship strengths based, attachment theory and client centered models.

Eligibility & Access:

Clients must live in the Region of Waterloo; child/youth (and their family, if involved) must enter the service voluntarily and be willing to meet with the worker on a regular basis.  We work to assess readiness and engagement as part of our service planning and accommodate goals and treatment using these lenses.

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