Sexual Abuse Specific Organizations: March 2021

The Continuum is a coalition of agencies and individuals committed to reducing sexual violence and protecting the community. In the March edition of Continuum CONNECTS and future editions, we will highlight agencies across the province.

If you would like to be highlighted, please reach out to us here. In this issue, we highlight: FAMILY & CHILDREN’S SERVICES OF THE WATERLOO REGION, LUMENUS COMMUNITY SERVICES, and NEW PATH YOUTH AND FAMILY SERVICES.

Family & Children’s Services of the Waterloo Region:

Sexual Abuse Treatment Program:

Family & Children’s Services offers a variety of group programs from September to June, and ongoing counselling throughout the year.

All services are offered free of charge by a qualified practitioner.

Please let us know if you need help with transportation to attend a group or service. Maybe we can help.

Please note that families do not need to be working with Family & Children’s Services to participate. Most referrals of child sexual abuse, or youth over 12 who have committed a sexual offence need to have been reported and/or investigated by Family & Children’s Services or police before receiving treatment services.

If there are criminal charges of sexual offending pending for a young person, the youth must acknowledge their offence and receive support from his/her legal counsel to participate in an assessment and treatment.

Children and youth participate in their own assessment and service/treatment planning, which includes clinical interviews, and completion of standardized tools and questionnaires.


The Sexual Abuse Treatment Program offers therapy and support (individual, family and/or group therapy):

  • For children/youth up to age 18 who have experienced sexual abuse/sexual assault.
  • For children/youth up to age 18 who have engaged in concerning or abusive sexual behaviours.
  • Support for children, youth and their caregivers to address their immediate needs for intervention, support and/or consultation after a disclosure of sexual abuse or concerning or abusive sexual behaviours. (2-6 sessions)

To learn more about the Sexual Abuse Treatment Program at Family & Children’s Services Waterloo, visit: or call: 519-576-0540.

Lumenus Community Services:

Lumenus Community Services began with the amalgamation of four agencies in April 2020.  The vision of Lumenus Community Services is to provide excellent, accessible and integrated mental health, developmental and community services.  The SORNAT program (Sexual Offending Risk Needs Assessment and Treatment), was previously under the umbrella of legacy agency, Griffin Centre.  This program continues to provide community-based assessment and treatment services for youth, 12-18, with a dual diagnosis (mild developmental disability and mental health challenges) who have committed a sexual offence or that have engaged in problematic sexual behaviour.  The program can offer comprehensive sexual offence-specific risks/needs assessments; individual and family treatment, and assist youth to develop life and social skills, as well as prosocial sexuality. We serve those living in the city of Toronto that participate voluntarily and those living in Toronto, York, Simcoe, Peel or Halton that are referred by Youth Justice.

Referrals can be made to our intake department at: 416-222-1153.

Visit: to learn more.

New Path Youth and Family Services:

The New Directions Treatment Program (NDTP):

The New Directions Treatment Program is a program of New Path Youth and Family Services, an accredited children’s mental health agency. The New Directions Treatment program is funded by MCCSS and there is no cost to the services provided.

The New Directions Treatment Program is a community-based program that provides specialized, comprehensive individualized assessment and treatment services to youth who have sexually offended.  Assessment and treatment services look at the youth and their family holistically and operates from a strengths perspective.  The goal of the program is to reduce client recidivism and promote healthy relationships and choices. Individual and family therapy as well as ongoing collaboration with other treatment partners is a key component to the program.

These services are available to youth aged 12, up to age 18* (some transitional age 19-21 if addressing youth sexual offending behaviours with no adult charges). All offenses must be fully adjudicated prior to starting service and must have been reported to and investigated by the Children’s Aid Society and/or Police.

Referrals are only accepted from Youth Probation officers for youth residing in Simcoe County.

To participate in the comprehensive assessment and treatment intellectually, clients must be functioning in the borderline range or above, in order to benefit from the services offered by this program.

For more information and referrals please call Brandie Sanders, MA (Forensic Psych) RP., Supervisor of New Directions Treatment Program at 705-325-6161 ext. 3242. To learn more about our the NDTP Program, visit: