Sexual Abuse Specific Organization: January 2022

The Continuum is a coalition of agencies and individuals committed to reducing sexual violence and protecting the community. In the October edition of Continuum CONNECTS and future editions, we will highlight agencies across the province.

If you would like to be highlighted, please reach out to us here. In this issue, we highlight: ST. LAWRENCE YOUTH ASSOCIATION.

St. Lawrence Youth Association:


Who We Are:

The Specialized Treatment Program is a program for youth aged 12-24 years in the Kingston/Frontenac area who demonstrate concerning sexual behaviour. We provide assessment, treatment, and consultation to youth, care-givers and community partners with the aim of reducing the risk of concerning sexual behaviour.

How We Help:

The team is made up of a Forensic Psychologist, Counsellor and Community Services Manager. An initial assessment will be conducted that includes information gathering, a clinical interview and psychological testing. This is used to help form a clinical perspective regarding the need for intervention, and if so, the type and intensity of services.

*Referrals to ongoing treatment and community agencies may be facilitated as needed.

How It Works:

Contact the Program Counsellor, Timothy Gauthier (email:, telephone: 613-542-9634) to complete the referral process. Referrals are accepted from community partners (family physicians, schools, police, youth counselling agencies), family members, and youth.

Referral Form: Click HERE for the Referral Form.

Program Information Videos:


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To learn more about St. Lawrence Youth Association, please visit: