Sexual Abuse Specific Organizations: December 2020

The Continuum is a coalition of agencies and individuals committed to reducing sexual violence and protecting the community. In this edition of Continuum CONNECTS and future editions, we will highlight agencies across the province.

If you would like to be highlighted, please reach out to us here. In this issue, we highlight: EVERYMIND MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES, MACKENZIE HEALTH, and RADIUS CHILD AND YOUTH SERVICES.


The Sexual Abuse Treatment (SATP) program at EveryMind provides specialized office-based assessment and treatment services for:

  • Children and youth up to 18 years of age who have experienced sexual abuse/assault;
  • Children and youth up to 18 years of age who exhibit concerning sexualized behaviour, or have sexually abused/assaulted; and
  • Families in which sibling incest has occurred.

SATP uses a multi-disciplinary and evidence-based treatment approach, tailoring treatment to the unique and diverse needs of children/youth, and their families. The primary objectives of the program are to:

  • Ensure safety;
  • Identify and treat the traumatic impact of sexual abuse or sexual assault;
  • Treat inappropriate sexual behaviour; and
  • Reunify families where sibling incest has occurred, where appropriate.

Clinical Services Provided by SATP:

Trauma Assessment & Treatment: Involves interviews and measures to determine the effects of sexual maltreatment. Clinicians work collaboratively with children/youth, and their caregivers (when possible) to reduce post-traumatic stress and plan for a positive future. This service uses Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (TF-CBT), which is an evidence-based intervention.

Sexualized Behaviour Assessment & Treatment: Involves assessing and treating children/youth who have exhibited concerning sexualized behaviours or who have sexually abused/assaulted others, and working collaboratively with parents/caregivers when possible/appropriate. Using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, treatment components may include: Coping techniques; connecting feelings and thoughts; boundaries and consent; healthy relationships; recognizing triggers; accepting responsibility; planning for safety; and family-focused therapy (when appropriate).

Reunification Counselling for Families: Where appropriate, families are reunified after sibling incest has occurred. In sibling incest cases, we work separately with the child/youth who has experienced sexual abuse and the child/youth who has sexually abused, and holistically with their family.

Access Services:

Call at 905-451-4655 to access the Sexual Abuse Treatment Program. Children and youth, and their families who are residents of Peel Region are eligible for service. Youth 12 and over, family members/ caregivers or service providers (with the consent of the child/youth, and/or family) can make a referral. To learn more, visit:

Mackenzie Health

Program for Assessment and Treatment for Healthy Sexuality – PATHS:

The focus of the clinic is on promoting positive sexuality while reducing problematic sexual behaviours, through individualized assessment and treatment.


To be eligible, children and adults must have a confirmed intellectual disability and have engaged in concerning and/or offensive sexual behaviours.

Referral Process: 

For more information or to make a referral:

York Region residents can contact 905-773-2362 or 1-888-557-5550.

Simcoe County residents can contact 705-728-9143 or 1-888-577-6955.

To learn more, visit:

Radius Child and Youth Services:

Radius Child and Youth Services is a specialized community-based organization that provides clinical assessment and counselling services to children, adolescents and families affected by interpersonal abuse. Specifically, we specialize in working with children, youth, and families who have experienced sexual, physical, or emotional abuse, neglect, or witnessed intimate partner violence.  We also specialize in working with youth who have engaged in sexually abusive behaviour, with children under 12 years old who have engaged in concerning sexual behaviour, and intrafamilial[1] sexual abuse and reunification. Radius Child and Youth Services has been working with these populations for almost 40 years, so we think we’ve gotten pretty good with helping to create positive changes in the lives of people affected by abuse.

Dealing with the affects of abuse or abusive behaviour is difficult. We are here to help and acknowledge the courage and strength it takes for every individual and family to walk through our doors.  We are committed to offering a compassionate, friendly, and non-judgemental environment to all who attend our services.  We are also committed to every individual’s uniqueness and we will work together with you to build a future free from abuse, neglect, and violence.

Clients Served:

  1. Adolescents aged 12 -18 years (up to  up to 19 years of age for youth who are involved with the criminal justice system) who have engaged in sexually abusive behaviour and their families.
  2. Children under 12 years who have engaged in concerning sexual behaviour
  3. Children and adolescents aged 0 – 18 years who have experienced sexual abuse or interpersonal violence
  4. Radius specializes in: Intrafamilial sexual abuse & reunification

Service Area: Halton, Peel, Toronto, Durham, York

Types of Services Offered:

  1. Comprehensive Assessments
  2. Long-Term Therapy: a) Individual and b) Family
  3. Group Therapy

To learn more, visit: