RUFF Program Update

We are excited to share with you the latest news about the Radius Unconditional Furry Friend (RUFF) Program at Radius. Our program aims to provide support and comfort to young people who are going through therapy, by pairing them with our trained therapy dog, Lexus.

As we all know, therapy can be a challenging experience, especially for young people who may be dealing with trauma caused by abuse, neglect or violence. The RUFF program offers a unique approach to therapy, one that uses the unconditional love and support of a furry friend to help young people feel safe, calm, and supported during their treatment.

Lexus is trained and certified to work with young people and was carefully selected based on her temperament, behavior, and ability to interact with people of all ages. She is trained to respond to specific commands and to provide comfort and support to young people during therapy sessions.

Through the RUFF program, young people can benefit from the therapeutic power of dogs. Studies have shown that spending time with dogs can help reduce stress and anxiety, lower blood pressure, and improve mood. The presence of a therapy dog can also help young people feel more comfortable and at ease during their treatment, which can lead to more productive and positive outcomes.

At Radius, we are committed to providing high-quality and effective therapy services to young people. The RUFF program is just one of the many ways we are working to support young people and their families during challenging times.

We would like to thank Lexus’ handlers and volunteers who work tirelessly to ensure the success of our program. Without their dedication and support, we would not be able to provide this valuable service to the young people who need it.

If you would like to learn more about the RUFF program or how you can support it, please visit our website at:

Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to sharing more updates with you in the future.

You can follow Lexus on her journey at Radius on Instagram: @ruff_lexus