We believe that every child, youth and family who receives service at Radius Child and Youth Services benefits from knowing and understanding their rights and responsibilities. You have a right:

  • To confidentiality and understand the exceptions and limits of confidentiality.
  • To understand how to gain access to your file.
  • To be made aware of the complaint procedure and how to make a complaint.
  • To attend and participate in the assessment and treatment planning process.
  • To be heard, and to express your feelings, thoughts and opinions when important decisions are being made for you.
  • To be treated with respect and dignity regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual identity and expression, culture, religion or abilities.
  • To know and understand the expectations and your responsibilities.
  • To know that your participation is completely voluntary and you can discontinue services at any time.

You are responsible for:

  • Participating in your assessment and treatment plan and the development of treatment goals.
  • Attending scheduled meetings and appointments or to notify the appropriate person if you are unable to attend.
  • Providing information that will be helpful during the assessment and treatment process.
  • Respecting the property and rights of other clients and staff of Radius Child and Youth Services.

Parents/guardians of youth under 16 years who are receiving assessment and treatment have a right to:

  • Be a participant in the assessment and treatment planning process.
  • Be informed of all medical emergencies regarding your child.
  • Be advised of the rights, responsibilities and complaint procedure of Radius Child and Youth Services.

(There are some exceptions if the child/youth is between 12-16 years and does not want parental involvement.)

If you have questions or concerns about your rights, please complete the comments/suggestions and complaints form and ask a staff to explain the complaints procedure.

If you are still not satisfied after following the internal complaints procedure, please contact the Office of the Provincial Advocate for Children and Youth or the Office of the Ombudsman of Ontario.

Children and Young Persons’ Rights Resource:

The Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services (MCCSS) is pleased to share information about a new online Children and Young Persons’ Rights Resource (Rights Resource). The Rights Resource (English) can be accessed here: https://www.ontario.ca/page/children-and-young-persons-rights-resource. The Rights Resource (French) can be accessed here: https://www.ontario.ca/fr/page/guide-des-droits-des-enfants-et-des-adolescents

The Rights Resource is intended to support children and youth in understanding their rights in child-friendly language and direct them to someone they can talk to if they have questions. It also acts as a resource for parents, caregivers and staff to support and understand the rights of children and young persons.