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We are a small but mighty team dedicated to conducting both short- and longer-term research.  We take pride in the fact that our research informs clinical practice.  What does this mean?  That what we learn through research helps us know how to best help children, youth and families that we serve.

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Research and Development Committee

In 2017, we developed the Research and Development Committee (RDC) which is responsible for supporting Radius-involved research and evaluation initiatives. All Radius-involved research requires written approval from the RDC before moving forward.  The RDC provides consultation, upon request, to individuals currently developing, or who are interested in developing, a Radius affiliated research project.  

Research Ethics Committee

Radius is committed to conducting research that meets the highest ethical standards and is guided by the Tri-Council Policy Statement (TCPS2, 2014) on Research Ethics with Humans.  All research projects conducted at, or affiliated with Radius, must submit a proposal to the Research Ethics Committee.

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“Radius values the integration of science and practice, and has successfully minimized the scientist-practitioner gap.  Our clinical services and treatment are enhanced by research, and our research is guided by professional and practice needs and knowledge.”
~ Tracey Curwen –  Consulting Research Coordinator, Ethics Committee Chair
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Success is Rooted in Partnerships

At Radius, we truly believe that ‘Success is rooted in partnerships that lead to better results.’ Therefore, we are committed to collaborating with other organizations and institutions to further our research efforts.

We know that research can assist us in achieving our mission, and help children, youth and families build their futures free from abuse, neglect and violence.

Student Placement

As part of our commitment to training, we invite students to complete research and evaluation placements at Radius. We offer students interested in research and/or evaluation with applied experiences through direct involvement in designing, conducting, analyzing, report writing, and presentations of applied research and treatment and service evaluations.

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Contact Us

Rosalia Samuel
1 Eva Road, Suite 216 | Etobicoke, ON | M9C 4Z5
T: 416.744.9000 ext. 349
E: research@radiuschild-youthservices.ca

Tracey Curwen
Research Coordinator, Ethics Committee Chair
1 Eva Road, Suite 216 | Etobicoke, ON | M9C 4Z5
E: tcurwen@radiuschild-youthservices.ca