With the goal of identifying research needs and managing the projects completed at Radius, we established a Research Committee. The Research Committee is charged with supporting the development and design of research studies, ensuring proposed projects are relevant to Radius’ goals, and coordinating research initiatives that require staff or client participation. Anyone wishing to conduct research at Radius must submit a proposal to the Research Committee who will determine its relevance and viability. Approval from the Research Committee must accompany a research ethics proposal being submitted to Radius’ Research Ethics Committee. The purpose of the Research Committee is to support researchers and ensure the best interests of Radius with respect to the research conducted at Radius.

Radius’ Research Ethics Committee

Radius’ Research Ethics Committee is responsible for the ethical assessment and ethics related sanctions of all research involving human subjects conducted at Radius or by Radius’ affiliates. Radius’ Research Ethics Committee guidelines abide by the Tri-council Policy Statement (TCPS2) on Research with Human Subjects; Radius’ Research Ethics Committee is mandated to provide oversight of and the stipulation of guidelines under which each Radius affiliated research project must be conducted; Radius’ Research Ethics Committee also provides guidelines within which researchers affiliated with Radius must abide prior to starting and throughout the commission of a research project.

Though internal program evaluation initiatives do not always require research ethics approval, [1] all evaluation projects proposed by Radius must be discussed with Radius’ Research Ethics Committee Chair to determine whether a full, expedited, or no ethics review is required. Research and evaluation projects must receive Radius’ Research Ethics Committee approval prior to implementation. Ethics approval must be obtained prior to the results of any research or evaluation projects being shared with the community.

Student Placements


As part of our commitment to training, we invite students to complete program evaluation and research placements at Radius.  Many schools offer applied research and program evaluation related degrees, diplomas, and courses; we offer students interested in research and/or evaluation with applied experiences through direct involvement in designing, conducting, analyzing, report writing, and presentations of applied research and treatment and service evaluations.

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