Our Research and Development Committee (RDC) is a passionate group of voting members and a non-voting Committee Chair who is responsible for organizing Committee meetings and ensuring proposals are reviewed. RDC members work together to identify research needs, ensure projects align with Radius’ goals and support the development and design of research studies.

A group of diverse business colleagues participate in a virtual staff meeting during the COVID-19 pandemic. An African American businesswoman participates in the virtual event from her office.
“The Research and Development Committee offers a person, such as me with primarily a clinical background, the opportunity to test and apply anecdotal experiences and practices to see why and how what we do works. It provides an opportunity to contribute new knowledge to the field which is what children and youth deserve –the best possible care. Research and Development Committee members work together to identify research needs, make sure projects align with Radius’ goals and support the development and design of research studies.”
~ Melissa Maltar, Manager – Clinical Services
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Research and Development Committee Consultation

Our Research and Development Committee offers consultation to individuals currently developing, or who are interested in developing, a research project.  The RDC supports applicants to identify research questions, determine methodology options, identify potential ethical concerns/dilemmas, and support other research-related topics.

Once a consultation request is reviewed, a meeting between the applicant and relevant Committee members will be scheduled. In preparation for the consultation, individuals are asked to identify specific questions and to have reviewed some evidence/research relevant to their proposed project.

“Research is a critical part of evaluating our practice and understanding our clients’ experiences.  Because my client work happens on the front end of service, my involvement on the Research & Development committee has enriched my job by reminding me of the outcomes our clients can experience through the evidence-based practice delivered by our clinicians over the length of their involvement with Radius.”
~ Sarah Byrne, Intake Coordinator

Research Project Proposal

All Radius-involved research projects require written approval from Radius’ Research and Development Committee (RDC). The first step in obtaining approval is to submit a Research Project Proposal. The Research Project Proposal is an overview of the project goals and project details, information on how Radius will be involved, and details as to what is needed or expected from Radius.


Submitting a Research Project Proposal

Step 1

Provide detailed information about the proposed research project on a Radius provided template.

Step 2

Once the proposal is accepted for review, our Research Assistant will contact the applicant to indicate receipt and provide the expected review date.

Step 3

Following the committee’s review, the chair will provide documentation outlining the Committee’s decision.

Submission Guidelines

The link below will provide information to assist applicants in completing the Research Proposal required for Radius’ Research and Development Committee review. It is important that applicants detail all possible impacts to Radius, should the project be implemented.

Ready to Submit?

Below you will find a link to the template to start your research project proposal. Once you provide detailed information about your proposed project, the Research and Development Committee will evaluate the viability of Radius’ involvement.

Next Steps

Once the committee has reviewed your research project, the chair will provide the applicant with documentation outlining the committee’s decision. Once approved by the Research Development Committee, it will also require the completion of a Research Ethics Proposal.

Radius’ Research Committee establishes annual research priorities and initiatives, allocates resources to research, and ensures research projects align with our Vision, Mission and Values.


Do you have a question about a research project, how to submit a proposal, or if you are interested in partnering with Radius on a research project? Contact the Research Department now!