Radius’ Therapist Shelley Kavanagh Participates in the Post-Show Talk Back of the Play, Broken Branches!

The play Broken Branches ran September 19-29th at the Aki Studio Theatre, Toronto. Told with honesty – and humour – Broken Branches reveals secrets, lies and family dynamics … and the resilience to survive. This play is an important and unique project and we were honoured to participate.

Shelley talked about why she wanted to support the play ~ “I would like to be available to help support and educate the public about the complexities of sexual abuse when it occurs within the context of family. I feel honoured to take part in creating a space for open discussion.”

About the play:

Kids will be kids. All brothers and sisters fight; that’s how they work things out. Isn’t it just normal sibling rivalry?

We’ve all heard those words to justify conflict and fighting between siblings, even when the fighting seems constant and harmful. Unless a child is being hurt by an adult, or by a bully in the playground, the locker room, or online, we look the other way.

But sometimes the bully lives in the same house, shares a bedroom, is in charge of their younger siblings.

Nearly everyone has a story, their own or that of someone they know, about the impact of sibling abuse. Broken Branches is a play that brings these stories out of the shadows and into the spotlight and asks, “What happens when sibling conflict crosses a line into something more than rivalry – into something cruel, even dangerous?”

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