Radius Partners with Toronto Artist, Tosh Jeffrey

The Suitcase Project … Travelling a Journey of Healing

We were thrilled when Tosh Jeffrey, a local Toronto landscape artist, volunteered
to mentor our Expressive Ar ts Based Group Program. This project offers a creative
process as a way of exploring the impact of abuse and the path to healing.

The final product, suitcases personally designed by each individual, symbolize their personal
journey and are a momento of their work with Tosh.

About Tosh Jeffrey

After receiving a B.A. in Visual Ar ts from the University of Western Ontario in 2006,
Tosh began pursuing his art career in the Toronto area. As a landscape painter, Tosh
varies the perspective of his experience by magnifying details of the urban terrain.
This magnification fuses with contemporary expression into a graffiti-inspired fusion
of abstraction and realism, arousing the senses and energizing the viewer.

Thank you!

We would like to personally thank Tosh for his
participation in this project and to highlight the
inspiring work he has created. For more information
about Tosh, visit: