Meet Volunteer, Cheryl Tym!

As an organization that relies on volunteers to help raise awareness and funds, we were more than thrilled when Cheryl Tym stepped up and joined our Spring Event Committee. Cheryl has worked tirelessly to enhance our annual Spring Event and has definitely brought her passion and enthusiasm to the planning process!

What made your decide to volunteer at Radius?

I met Radius’ Fundraising Manager, Margaret McConnell and we quickly became friends. Over time, she talked about what she did and I began to learn more about the work of Radius Child and Youth Services.  It wasn’t long before I knew that this was a charity I needed to support. I couldn’t imagine not helping these brave children and their families. It was also when I learned that the wait time to receive counselling for Radius’ young clients was about six months. I knew funds were needed to reduce this wait time. The Spring Event Committee gave me the perfect opportunity to contribute my time and resources to help create a fun and engaging evening in support of Radius’ fundraising efforts.

What are the benefits, for you, of volunteering?

I receive so much more than I give. The Spring Event Committee is comprised of a diverse, dedicated and hard working group of amazing individuals I’m happy to say, have now become lifelong friends.  There is also an overwhelming sense of accomplishment when we see the end result of our collective efforts in the culmination of an incredible evening of fun and fundraising.

As a committee member, do you feel you are making a difference to the community?

Absolutely. There’s the tangible evidence of dollars raised from generous sponsors and donors at events, but I think, equally as important, is bringing awareness to the forefront.  Invariably, organizations and individuals when approached for a contribution, are not familiar with the charity and its services.  I attempt to work year long as a tireless ambassador for Radius to change this unfamiliarity, because we all know, physically and emotionally healthy youth are essential to the well being of any community.  Now, and in the future. As a Realtor®, I’m thrilled that OMDREB President, Oliver Matas, has selected Radius Child and Youth Services as the President’s charity of choice for 2019.  Not only do all funds raised go to Radius, but Radius has been introduced to a membership of over 1,800.  I proudly serve on this Community Initiatives Committee and hope to make a meaningful contribution to the success of its fundraising efforts.

Would you recommend volunteering at Radius to others? Why?

In a word? “YES”.

Specialized counselling for young victims of abuse only happens because of the clinical therapists, administration and Board of Directors all working in concert to do everything possible for their benefit. It doesn’t take long to see they often go above and beyond what is required of them. Volunteers are given amazing support and appreciation from everyone at Radius. It doesn’t matter how much or how little time you may have to volunteer for a charity.  It only matters that you do volunteer.  There are so many ways to help make a difference.  If you can’t find the time to serve on a committee, you can attend and participate in one of the many annual events hosted by Radius.  Make a donation(s).  ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ newsletters and postings on social media to increase awareness.  Invite your family, friends and colleagues to do the same. Hold your own fundraiser.  Radius has plenty of ideas to help you organize it.

But, you also asked me, “Why?” Because something so worthwhile is always worth doing.

THANK YOU to Cheryl for her candid comments and honesty! We are proud to call Cheryl one of our outstanding volunteers!

Cheryl Tym is a Sales Representative with RE/MAX Abouttowne Realty Corp., who donates a portion of her sales commission to Radius Child and Youth Services.