Meet the Team – Hello, I’m Denia Anderson, Clinical Therapist

Come along on an enlightening journey with us as we illuminate the individuals who personify the essence of Radius in our blog series, “Meet the Team.” In this installment, we venture further along our journey to introduce you to Denia, a remarkable individual who exemplifies the core values and mission of Radius!

Why did you choose to work at Radius?

I liked that Radius offered long term, continuous support to children and youth, which can be difficult to find elsewhere. I also liked that Radius valued a collaborative team environment.

What attracted you to work with children/youth who have been abused, witnessed abuse and/or neglect or witnessed domestic violence?

The work felt meaningful to me. I felt motivated to help children/youth make sense of their experiences in the world.

What motivates and inspires you in your work?

The kids! I’m moved by their resilience and will. Their wisdom makes working with them inspiring.  

What advice would you give to someone considering a career in this field?

Take time to process learnings and immerse yourself with opportunities to hear from/speak with experienced clinicians.

Thank you to Denia for her insights and for letting us get to know her a little bit better!

Stay tuned for our next Meet the Team blog post, where we introduce another amazing member of our Radius team!