Meet Our Volunteer, Dianne Sadler!

As we continue to celebrate our wonderful volunteers during National Volunteer Week, we wanted everyone to meet Dianne Sadler! Dianne has been one of our remarkable volunteers for over 15 years! During this time she has been an integral part of our Spring Event Committee – a group of volunteers who are dedicated to raising funds for the children, youth and families we serve. THANK YOU Dianne!

In the face of so many charities to support, why Radius Child and Youth Services?

Radius Child and Youth Services is an organization I believe in.

At first it was an opportunity for me to get involved.  Over time, I realized that fundraising was a challenge for Radius as many people in the community were not aware of the critical support they offer to victims of interpersonal abuse.

This challenge motivated me even more to get involved. I wanted to help raise awareness for the excellent services Radius provides to children, youth and families affected by abuse, and do what I could to get the word out and help bring in much needed revenue.

Initially I helped out at the Radius Annual Gala, and eventually joined a committee of like-minded ladies with whom I have made a lasting friendship.

To be involved and witness first-hand the difference just one person can make, motivated me to also volunteer at the Moon in June Road Race, the Brian Smith Charity Bike Ride and the Annual Tournament of Hope Golf Tournament.

While I have made some amazing friendships through Radius over the years, I have also been fortunate to have the support of my own family members getting involved who share the same passion. (no arm twisting necessary). 

Dianne, we are truly grateful for everything you do for Radius and the families we serve! THANK YOU!

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