Meet Our Clinical Therapist, Angie Lau!

We’d like you to get to know us better and what better way to do that than meeting one of our Clinical Therapists – Angie Lau! Angie has been with Radius since September 2019. Angie completed her undergraduate at University of Ottawa in Criminology and Psychology.  After having an opportunity to do a practicum in a forensic psychiatry unit, she decided social work would be a better fit.  Angie then completed her masters in social work at Wilfred Laurier University.


What do you do at Radius?

I am a Clinical Therapist working out of our 1 Eva Road office.

Why did you choose to work at Radius?

I chose to work at Radius because I want to specialize in working with people who have experienced trauma.  When I was working in children’s general mental health, many of my clients had experienced trauma, but the agency wasn’t set up to provide trauma-specific treatment and that limited my ability to support my clients.  When I became aware that Radius was hiring, I was thrilled because I had heard of the extensive training they provide to staff to be specialized in the field.  I also resonate with the agency’s vision of a community free from abuse, neglect and violence.

What attracted you to work with children/youth who have been abused, witnessed abuse, neglected, and/or witnessed domestic violence?

Unfortunately abuse and violence to children and youth are more common than we like.  These adverse experiences have significant impact in various aspects of a child’s life and throughout their life span.  I think children and youth are so resilient and full of potential, there is so much room for change and growth as their brains are developing and maturing.  With the right support, they can resolve their trauma and go on to live a life that is good for them.   This has ripple effect to those around them.  When a young person is able to resolve their trauma early on in life, it will increase their likelihood of forming healthy and positive relationships with others.  I also like working with children and youth because there is so much room for creativity and fun.

What would you say to someone considering working in this field?

The work we do is hard, but it is also rewarding to see our clients overcome challenges.   It is important to make sure you take care of yourself and have your support system in place.  Having a supportive team around you is so important and such an asset.

When you are not working at Radius, tell us a little bit about some of the things you like to do in your spare time.

When I’m not at Radius, I like to spend time with my children and partner.  We enjoy spending time outdoors when the weather is nice, watching movies, doing arts & craft, and cooking.  I also help my partner with a few of our businesses as well as engage in personal development.