Meet Our Board President, Scott Wilkinson!

It’s National Volunteer Week! We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our Board Members, including our Board President and volunteer Scott Wilkinson, for volunteering their time on behalf of Radius. Scott, along with all of his Board colleagues, provide ongoing support and guidance to the organization and without them we could not do what we do!  THANK YOU!

In the face of so many charities to support, why Radius Child and Youth Services?

I was taught that it is important to give back to the community – what I have found with Radius is a meaningful way to make a difference.

My involvement with Radius started in 2004. A previous Radius President, John Herald, had invited me to participate in Radius charities and events. He also wanted me to get involved with the Radius Board.  My family at the time was young and demands from my work were too high to get involved. Still I kept in touch with John and the Radius team, helping where I could and donating when I could.

Over the years I got slowly involved and found out more about the impact of the organization on kids and families in the Halton, Peel and the GTA area. I found out how abuse impacts all demographic segments of our society. How treatment can not only address those aggrieved – but treatment of abusers can stop the cycle of abuse for future generations. I learned about the caring staff at Radius. I learned about the resilience of the abused kids and families. I saw the success stories that Radius enabled through deep counselling.

In time, with my family getting older, it became my time to help.

I joined the Radius Board in 2014 and President in 2018. Being on the Board has shown me the challenges not-for-profit organizations face in creating long-term predictable funding, staffing and strategic plans. It has shown me the commitment of the volunteers without whom our fundraising would be impossible. It has taught me a great deal about governance within a complicated health-care environment and the important role Radius plays with other agencies in supporting the fabric of our society – and those who are at the most risk.

My time with Radius has also been very rewarding. The board and Radius team I work with comes from diverse professional and personal backgrounds. They are smart. They are engaged. And, they care. In many ways, it is I who feel sometimes that I should and can do more to help them.

My time as President is coming to an end. Radius’ governance policies put time limits on board and executive members. This means that there is a constant need for new members and new ideas to help the organization move forward. I have been involved with other volunteer organizations over the last 30+ years and Radius is by far the most professional, most aligned and most valuable of these experiences.

They say that the value of volunteering is not always what is given – but what you learn about yourself. Of course, it sure helps that while learning we are giving hope and coping tools to abused kids and their families so that we can stop abuse in its tracks.  In short, it feels great to make a difference.

THANK YOU Scott for your dedication to the children, youth and families we serve. Your leadership to the Board and your ongoing support to Radius is invaluable!

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