Meet Greg Pace, Race Director for the Moon in June Road Race!

“The Moon in June (MiJ) Road Race has proudly supported Radius Child and Youth Services for 13 years. The race, now in its 30th year, has always been a charity event, however, we gained a much larger purpose once we associated and supported Radius”.  A huge THANK YOU to Greg Pace, Race Director of the Moon in June, for dedicating his time and efforts to Radius!

In the face of so many charities to support why Radius Child and Youth Services?

As a volunteer I support (along with so many of my community minded friends, colleagues and network) 2 main efforts, Bikes for Kids at Christmas and the Moon in June, both of which focus on, at risk children in our community.

My goal with the MiJ is to help as many clients as possible at Radius. In 2019, the race raised over $20,000 which provided 400 hours of much need treatment to children, youth and families.

I have not been lucky enough to have children of my own, however, I have seen how much time, energy and love is directed to the children of my friends and family and have always wanted to be a part of that.  I decided early on to try and spend at least that much time, energy and love on kids who are at risk, who haven’t been lucky enough to grow up in a loving home like the one I was raised in.

The fact that we need the services of Radius is tragic, that fact that there is a wait list is even more so.  They help so many children, youth and families each year and still it’s not enough.

As we move through this challenging time, I have had to move the Moon in June Road Race to the Fall. Although the event has changed, the present need in our community has not. The MiJ committee is dedicated to making a difference to the clients at Radius, ensuring that they get the right help when they need it most.

I truly believe that by volunteering to help the clients at Radius, I am helping to build a stronger  community for the future.

THANK YOU to Greg Pace and the Moon in June Committee for your continuous support of Radius and CONGRATULATIONS on reaching this momentous 30 year milestone! You are truly inspiring to us all!

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