It’s Official! Rachael Pascoe and Rebecca Nicholls have Published a Journal Article!

We don’t want to boast, but in this case we must! Our staff are so talented and we are very proud to announce that our Clinical Therapists, Rachael and Rebecca have had a journal article published in Social Work with Groups special issue Making Waves:Group Work Stories of Social Justice.

This narrative will detail Rachael and Rebecca’s first experience co-facilitating a group for male adolescents who have sexually harmed. They believe it is socially unjust for adolescents who sexually harm to simply be labelled as deviant or predatory.They see group work as a path that may allow these young people to take responsibility for their actions, acknowledge their harmful behavior, make amends in some way, and for them to be teens again. They believe that aspiring to and accomplishing this is a profound act of social justice.

Make sure to read the entire journal article by visiting: A Narrative of Hope in Group Therapy with Adolescents who have Sexually Harmed.