Prevention Series: Working with Children and Youth who have Engaged in Sexually Abusive Behaviours – Online Series

As a centre of excellence, the Radius Training Institute is committed to providing cost effective and subsidized quality training for professionals providing mental health services to children and youth. With the ongoing pandemic, we have moved our training series to an online format. This Fall 2022, we will be offering a series focused on addressing the work with children and youth who have engaged in concerning or sexually abusive  behaviours. This training will provide you with foundational and comprehensive knowledge and skills to enhance your journey into this specialization. This training is geared towards professionals who are able to practice the controlled act of psychotherapy. There are 3 separate series totaling 10 training days being offered.  You are welcome to register for one series or all three.

The workshops will be using a Zoom platform and will run from 9:30am to 4:00pm EST (Toronto Time Zone) with many regulation breaks and involve multiple modes of teaching – lecture, videos, discussion groups, modeling, literature review, etc.  The intention is to continue to provide a forum for small group discussions and opportunities to learn and share. As such, there is a limited number of spots available.  You may be eligible for subsidized tuition.  Click the “Register now” button to see if you are eligible.  The Radius Institute Faculty is looking forward to meeting you.

Series A: Assessing and Treating Concerning Sexual Behaviour in Children Under 12
Series B: Assessing and Treating Adolescents who have Engaged in Sexually Abusive Behaviour
Series C: Working in a Family Context – Sibling Sexual Abuse

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