An assessment is a “getting to know you” process, which is designed to help us learn about your current strengths, concerns, risks (if applicable), and counselling needs. The assessment will help us to understand you and your family/caregivers and it is an essential component in creating the best possible counselling plan for you.  Counselling plans are individually tailored to suit you and your family’s needs, goals, and wishes.  The assessment is one way we assist you in creating that individually tailored counselling plan.  The assessment is comprehensive, meaning it provides a detailed and holistic overview of your needs in all aspects of your life.

Sometimes you may not be required to participate in a comprehensive assessment, especially if you have been referred to our program with a recently completed trauma assessment or sexual offence-specific risk assessment, for example.  In that case, you would move right into starting the counselling phase.

Types of Assessments Offered:

Trauma-Specific Assessment:

Children and youth up to 18 years of age who have experienced sexual, physical, emotional abuse, neglect, or who have witnessed domestic violence.

Sexual Behaviour-Specific Assessment:

Children under 12 years old who have engaged in concerning sexual behaviour. lorum ipsum dolor lorum ipsum dolor lorum

Sexual Offence-Specific Risk Assessment:

Youth aged 12 to 18 (up to 19 for clients involved with Youth Justice) who have engaged in sexually abusive behaviour.