A Message from our Executive Director – Allan Bishop

Radius Child and Youth Services is committed to continually improving our services. That’s why we have decided to voluntarily participate in seeking our Accreditation Primer Award with Accreditation Canada – to learn what we’re doing well and where we can improve.

By having external surveyors assess our services against national standards, we are better able to focus our quality improvement efforts. Everyone at Radius Child and Youth Services is involved in accreditation, from our clinical staff and volunteers to Board members. That’s because we are committed to providing quality client services.

In Accreditation Basics, we provide further information, but if you have questions about accreditation, please contact our Accreditation Coordinator, Alison Purvis at apurvis@radiuschild-youthservices.ca.

Accreditation Basics

Introduction to Accreditation

Radius Child and Youth Services is committed to providing quality services to our clients. Participation in the accreditation process is a key action by which we measure our clinical and operational performance against established Children’s Mental Health standards. It enables us to identify opportunities to improve client care and services in a way that is transparent and holds us accountable to our communities. Accreditation Canada’s accreditation program – developed over 55 years – has a high degree of recognition in the social services community. In October 2018, Radius commenced its journey of pursuing the Accreditation Primer Award.

What is Accreditation?

Accreditation is an ongoing process of assessing social services organizations against standards of excellence to identify what is being done well and what needs to be improved.

What is the Value of Accreditation?

Accreditation helps organizations improve quality and safety by shining a light on processes that work well, and those that need more attention. The result? Reduced risk and higher quality client services. Accreditation creates stronger teams by improving communication and collaboration, and promoting learning around Leading Practices. The result? More effective teams and better outcomes. Accreditation demonstrates our commitment to quality, safety, and accountability.

Who is Radius Pursuing Accreditation With?

Radius is working with Accreditation Canada to pursue achieving their Accreditation Primer Status. Accreditation Canada is an independent, not-for-profit, 100% Canadian organization. They have been Canada’s trusted accreditor for more than 55 years.

How does the Accreditation Canada Program Work?

In October 2018, Radius begun the accreditation process by assessing itself against Accreditation Canada standards. These standards examine our governance, leadership, risk management as well as the quality of care we provide as a Children’s Mental Health organization. We plan to use the results of our November self-assessment to identify areas that need work, and to plan quality improvement activities for the coming months.

On-site Survey

In October 2019, we will have an on-site survey conducted by trained peer surveyors who assess the Radius organization against national standards. After the on-site survey, the surveyors submit a preliminary report to Radius and to Accreditation Canada. Accreditation Canada examines the surveyors’ report and provides the organization with a final report and an accreditation decision based on the on-site survey.

Radius – An Ongoing Quality Journey

The results of the on-site survey point to areas of success and areas where improvements can be made; the latter are used to bolster Radius’s ongoing quality improvement program.

Accreditation News/Updates

In October 2019, Radius Child and Youth Services were proud to have achieved the Accreditation Primer Award through Accreditation Canada. We would like to sincerely thank our entire team for all their support during this process!

Accreditation Canada

For some organizations, deciding to participate in accreditation can be a big undertaking. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Accreditation Canada is the only accrediting body that offers an introductory accreditation program.