Clinical Assessment &
Counselling Services

Radius Child & Youth Services is a specialized community-based organization that provides clinical assessment and counselling services to children, adolescents and families affected by interpersonal abuse. We are pleased to provide valuable resources for mental health professionals, teachers, social workers, parents and those working with children of any age.We are a widely recognized leader in the field of child abuse (physical, sexual, or emotional) and neglect.

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Child abuse has significant effects on us all

Abuse knows no socio-economic boundaries; no gender or age is left unaffected. With the generosity of donors, corporate partners and funders, children and youth are provided a safe and supportive place to tell their story and start writing their next chapter full of hope, healing and safety.

Join our volunteer team. Get involved.

Without extraordinary volunteers like Remington, who help raise awareness, funds and donations, we would not be able to provide the services that we offer.
Thank you from all of us at Radius.

Our Supporting Partners

We are privileged to join with children, youth and families on their journey to building safe and healthy futures free from abuse, neglect and violence.

Access Training

Each year, Radius Child and Youth Services responds to numerous requests for training regarding the needs of children, youth, and families impacted by abuse. Radius is also available to provide clinical consultation regarding case-specific issues or on various clinical areas.  We welcome consultations from local, provincial, national, and international regions.

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